Friday, March 4

My Artistic Side

I have never really felt I had much of an artistic side. I never liked how I drew as a kid, there were always girls in my class that could colour better than I. But I think designing web pages has opened up my mind to my artistic side. I really like the creation part of the site. I have been thinking for about a week or two of creating a new web site, even though I have existing ones I could just update.

I have been painting my front hallway for about two weeks now. I took last night off. I'm stuck on the ceiling now, which is not nearly as fun as painting the walls orange. At least the paint goes on pink (wonderful disappearing dye), rather than white on top of white, but trying to get good coverage on popcorn ceiling is maddening.

My first year in our house I hand-painted a couple dozen ceramic ornaments. I just loved it, even if it took me a week or more to get them all done. Lately, I've started spending visiting more and more crafty sites. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm enjoying Apartmentalist, recently stumbled on SouleMama which is having me think about knitting again, and I am inspired to make small food by not martha. I try to like DesignSponge, but there is just too much going on there.

I've also been thinking about getting into scrapbooking, but I think I could get really out of hand with all the supplies I would buy for that bit of crafting.

I'm thinking that I will start cronicalling my projects as LJC has. I think it would be nice to be able to see all my before and afters or even the process I went through to get things accomplished. Well at least for me. It could be a terrible bore for anyone else. :)


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