Friday, March 4

Cribs and Safety Update

I was looking over my posts and was reminded by my original Cribs and Safety post that I hadn't posted a follow-up post with the information I got from Health Canada. There wasn't much info on the specifics on their site, but I got a wonderful email response that pointed me to the legislation on the issue and and gave me the following information:

There were several changes in the 1986 cribs and cradles regulations. The distance between the bars being one but a major change dealt with the mattress support system. Prior to the change the matress support systems did not have to be permanently attached to the crib frame. There were before the change incidences with children being hurt or dying due to the mattress support system coming apart from the frame allowing a gap between the mattress and frame such that infants were rolling to the gaps and suffocating or falling out of the gap onto the floor.

It was wonderful to get such a straight-forward answer to my question on the safety issues concerning older cribs, and since it hadn't been available on a website that I had found before, I am posting it here for all.


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