Thursday, February 3

Keeping Up with Technology

I have been pretty lax in keeping up my own websites over the last year. At my last place of employment I had access to update them from my desk during my down time and kept them fairly up-to-date. Unfortunately I don't have this kind of access from my current place of employment. I'm actually pretty lucky that I even have access to Blogger from here.

But someone I run a website for has requested an update and a small change in the look. I am trying to take this opportunity to implement CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This is going to take a little time though. Really unfortunate that my home PC is on the fritz right now.

Hopefully this will spur me to create my own look for this blog as well. Not that I'm not fond of this layout, I just see it all over the place as it is one of the main ones offered by default by Blogger.

Anyone got any good online references to implementing XHTML and CSS that isn't too deep?


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