Wednesday, February 9

Baby Names

Last summer, when my husband and I started thinking seriously about having kids in the near future we started talking about names. He is stuck on family names or even names of close friends. I am not interested in having a bunch of people with the same name running around at Christmas.

I hadn't really thought about kid names before that. I know a lot of women have ideas for their childrens names for years before they have them, but I always thought that it would be selfish of me to have predetermined my childrens' names before I even met their father. My husband is of the other camp and has had his heart set on a name for his first son way before I came along.

Now that we are actively trying to get pregnant I've been thinking about it more. I'm liking J names. Jackson and Julianne specifically. I came across a blog called The Baby Name Wizard today and find it terribly interesting.


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