Thursday, February 24

Shopping List

I'm going on a weekend away/shopping trip next month and I've just got to put together a list of what I need. I'm trying not to do too much shopping now, even though I need stuff, so I'm hoping that posting my list here will help me enumerate it and not try to buy things before this big trip.

  • running/cross-training shoes for the gym

  • pants acceptible for work wear

  • cardigans that wash well

  • comfortable work shoes

  • nice t-shirts that I can get away with under a cardigan at work

  • new purse, probably black

Wednesday, February 16

Why I Enjoyed Fight Club so much

Apparently it is because it is the story of Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes, all grown up. Who knew?

Wednesday, February 9

Wonderful Responses to Unwanted Advice

I have come across some wonderful non-confrontational responses to unwanted advice that I wanted to share/remember.

  • That's certainly something to think about.

  • I'll remember that.

  • I wonder what my doctor would say about that?

  • I'll have to tell my husband about it.

Got any more?

Baby Names

Last summer, when my husband and I started thinking seriously about having kids in the near future we started talking about names. He is stuck on family names or even names of close friends. I am not interested in having a bunch of people with the same name running around at Christmas.

I hadn't really thought about kid names before that. I know a lot of women have ideas for their childrens names for years before they have them, but I always thought that it would be selfish of me to have predetermined my childrens' names before I even met their father. My husband is of the other camp and has had his heart set on a name for his first son way before I came along.

Now that we are actively trying to get pregnant I've been thinking about it more. I'm liking J names. Jackson and Julianne specifically. I came across a blog called The Baby Name Wizard today and find it terribly interesting.

Tuesday, February 8

Cribs and Safety

I wish I had written down where I found this tidbit, I think it was a crib manufacturer's site. It stated that for safety their bars were less than 2 3/8" apart.

Apparently there is some huge problem with cribs made before 1978. The distance between the bars seems to be what I've heard most about. Before this, I hadn't been able to get my hands on what exactly the magic number was.

This info is quite important because my mother has held onto the crib she had for me and my siblings, which was definitely built before 1978, and plans to have her grandchildren use it. Of course I haven't spoken to my husband yet about this. I don't know if it would bother him or not, but then again, I'm not pregnant yet. Better to be prepared with the necessary info.

Perhaps I'll try to do some more research on this.

Thursday, February 3

Keeping Up with Technology

I have been pretty lax in keeping up my own websites over the last year. At my last place of employment I had access to update them from my desk during my down time and kept them fairly up-to-date. Unfortunately I don't have this kind of access from my current place of employment. I'm actually pretty lucky that I even have access to Blogger from here.

But someone I run a website for has requested an update and a small change in the look. I am trying to take this opportunity to implement CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This is going to take a little time though. Really unfortunate that my home PC is on the fritz right now.

Hopefully this will spur me to create my own look for this blog as well. Not that I'm not fond of this layout, I just see it all over the place as it is one of the main ones offered by default by Blogger.

Anyone got any good online references to implementing XHTML and CSS that isn't too deep?