Tuesday, January 25


Have I mentioned I'm aiming to get pregnant this year?

It has really made an impact on the sites I surf during down time at work. I've been reading Selkie a couple of times a week. She is currently pregnant with her second or third child and a breastfeeding advocate. She may also be a lactation consultant.

Anyways, she is frustrated that the first result in a Google search on WHO Code is pointing to a Nestle site (Nestle being a major manufacturer of baby formula) and would like to change it. So I'm trying to do my part. Searching the entire text at google (World Health Organization International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes) does indeed bring up official non-commercial sites discussing the code, but how many people using such a long search string?

I had never heard of the WHO Code before, and hadn't thought much of the World Health Organization before either. Wouldn't it be better to ensure that search terms such as feeding your baby, healthy baby feeding, infant feeding or similar were pointing to sites advocating breastfeeding rather than formula. Isn't someone who knows the short form WHO Code already fairly well informed that a Nestle site isn't going to sway them? Regardless, I'm behind Selkie and her breastfeeding advocacy and am trying to help here.

Thursday, January 13

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I've been pretty darn happy lately. I ran into an old colleague at the grocery store last week. He asked me how things were and I said "Great!" with a big grin on my face. I didn't have much else to say. He kind of looked at me to expand on what I had said, but I was just so happy.

I have been getting exercise almost everyday. Either going to the gym and using the cardio equipment, going ice skating, going swimming, or going to Pilates. And starting to try to get pregnant has really put me in a good mood too.

I'm just so happy right now!

Thursday, January 6

Losing Weight?

So Tuesday night my husband and I discuss dinner. We settle on pizza, so much for losing weight right? Then last night, after we have a workout, we finish the leftover pizza for dinner. I say I'm going to have a few potato chips to finish off my dinner as I only got two slices and he had five. Then he goes on to tell me how bad that would be for me, especially after a workout.

WHAT?!?! We just had pizza for dinner two nights in a row and a handful of chips are going to apparently put me over the edge? Unfortunately I had no good response at the time. Tonight I don't think I'll be joining him for nachos for dinner.

This ridiculousness may be the push I needed though to start taking responsibility for what I eat and not default to what others are eating. We'll see.

Tuesday, January 4

New Year... Resolutions?

So last night my husband says he wants to lose weight - that is his New Years Resolution. He planned to wake up early and hit the gym before work. Now I have never been a fan of New Years Resolutions. I have always thought that if you want to do something, you just do it. I bought my gym membership two weeks before Christmas. It wasn't spearheaded by the new year, but by facing no Pilates classes for three weeks over the holidays and wondering what I would do for exercise on Tuesday nights and realizing what a sloth I had become since cycling season had ended.

So I like the idea of losing weight, I'm not sure I'm personally ready for the diet change that it requires though. I'm all for the getting in shape and exercising regularly, but a diet change? We'll see.

My husband actually slept in this morning. He ended up having a hard time falling asleep. So we'll see how long his New Years Resolution goes and see if I tag along or not.