Friday, December 3

More Snow!!!

It is officially winter, unofficially. While whatever body that decides winter starts on December 21st might not agree with me, I declare that it is now officially winter.

The evidence:
1. We got a pile of snow the other day and we actually had to use the snowblower.
2. I started the car at least 15 minutes before I left this morning and still had to scrape ice off of the windshield.
3. I've worn my tuque at least 3 times this week and didn't care how silly I looked, just that I was warm.
4. I am totally into Christmas shopping now.

It's amazing how snow can really set the mood for Christmas, but I'm not even half way through my list yet. I have made some inroads though. I bought a big gift for my husband, we have gotten our gift for my step-father and my brother, and my husband has bought gifts for both of my sisters. So two down so far, and eight to go, but three are half done.

If there is anyone out there reading this I would love to know your gift ideas for the adult gift receivers in your life. The older they are, the tougher they are to buy for.


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