Thursday, December 16

Christmas Pictures

We have a friend who spent $200 on Christmas pictures of their baby (first child) at Walmart. They were a little disappointed in the pictures, particularly of the low-res digital file they paid $15 for, and a little of the process. Amazingly they chose Walmart as they didn't want to pay the extra sitting fee that Sears charges.

Wouldn't the sitting fee be better amortized over all those pictures they bought when they were spending so much? And the service is just so much better at Sears. They let you preview pictures and don't force you into choosing just a couple. What is most amazing about this is that this family has a wonderful digital camera, and could have taken a million pictures of their wee one in her Christmas outfit themselves and had the results printed anywhere (including for 25¢ a piece at Walmart or 29¢ at Shoppers Drug Mart).

Having just read Why Family Portrait, Why? I wonder what we will do about Christmas pictures once we have kids - or should we have done one this year? We received a cute Christmas card the other day from another couple who doesn't have kids, which included a very cute picture of their new dog in a Christmas outfit and one of the two of them. Perhaps I really enjoyed their picture/card as they live quite a distance away and we don't usually see them more than once every year or two.

And Christmas newsletters... will I start doing one of those once we have kids? And how will I write it to be short and sweet and not annoy the heck out of all who receive it? Any thoughts?


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