Tuesday, December 7

Christmas Cards - Check, Gift Buying - Half Done!

Last night my husband scurried out of the house after dinner and a Star Wars flick, which gave me a couple of free hours to wrap his and other gifts that had been building up. We've got everyone but a few covered now. We're down to four, and those four are tough ones. But the good thing is that we have 17 days until Christmas to put our heads together and figure out what we are going to get them.

The night before I wrote out our Christmas cards. I think this will be the first year where I've gotten our Christmas cards written and mailed before we received our first one.

The snow really has spurred me into action in getting Christmas things together. I've gone out on my lunch hour Christmas shopping at least 5 times in the last two weeks - I'll have to start baking soon to round things out.


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