Thursday, December 23

2 days until Christmas

I am crazy. I should have taken the couple of days before Christmas off as holidays, but thought it would be slow enough at work that I would be wasting my vacation time. I stayed home from work yesterday due to too much holiday cheer the night before. Thank goodness I did. I got a call around 10am that my aunt was coming to town for Christmas that day. The same aunt who I had offered to have stay at my place two or three weeks ago and she said she would be staying at home.

So yesterday I ran around trying to get everything done. I got the oil changed on the car, bought gravy and various groceries, borrowed an extra chair for my aunt to put her stuff on in the spare room, bought nightlights for the hallway and bathroom, bought a Christmas gift for said aunt, and bought a Christmas gift for my sister from my uncle. Not quite the relaxing day at home that I envisioned, but boy I was glad I didn't leave a bunch of other things to the last minute.

Something else I would like to share, people don't like to know that you've got Christmas under control. I had shared my joy at not having to hit the stores this past Saturday to a few friends and they were all like "Uh-huh." They just don't want to know.


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