Friday, November 26


We got a glorious dusting of snow last night! Winter is here, Christmas
shopping will now fully commence!

Tuesday, November 23


I've got Christmas fever!!!

I haven't gotten down to buying presents yet, but I put up about half of our Christmas decorations yesterday and over the last two weeks probably bought enough wrapping paper, gift boxes, and bows to last until next Christmas. So I've gotten all the fun and easy shopping done. :) Unfortunately, we haven't had any real snow yet. I think snow will really get me thinking about the Christmas deadline. We're at about 32 days until Christmas aren't we?

Monday, November 15

Too much blog reading

I have got to stop reading these blogs about infertility and problem pregnancies. I haven't even stopped my birth control pills yet and I am getting all worried about possibilities.

I definitely should file these away for a while, and stick to the more uplifting ones, like that posts about new baby gadgets and nice stories.

Take a deep breath, and file those favorites away for a while...

Friday, November 12

30... Then What?

I felt I had so much to say when I signed up for this blog. In fact I was overwhelmed at which subject I should address, so I kept it short and sweet. Today I'm feeling quite melow and less manic in my brain. So I'll share this wonderful link The Hilarious House of Frightenstein. It's a show I watched as a kid that was so weird, they would only show it as counterprogramming to kids up early Sunday mornings who didn't want to watch the church shows. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but could never remember the name of the show to talk about it with other people. Most people I described it to had no idea what I was talking about... A wolfman DJ? Are you serious?


Tuesday, November 9

First Post

So I've decided to give blogging another stab.

I've tried it out a couple of times before. First as a nifty free-form HTML table of inspired thoughts page on a GeoCities site, second on my own website. I hadn't updated it on my own website in about two years now. It may have to do with access it may have to do with lack of anonymity and what I want to write down.

So here I'll give it another go. Wish me luck!